A good carer will have many qualities that make them fantastic at their job...

A good home carer ensures the people they care for, whether they’re family members, elderly people or people recovering from an accident or long-term illness, feel safe, secure and most importantly that they are being treated with dignity and respect.

The qualities you should see in a great carer are:

Being Passionate about their Job

A good carer is passionate about the care they provide and the needs of the people they care for. They ensure the care they are providing is person-centred and in the interest of the service user and their families, often going the extra mile to make sure the appropriate level of care is achieved.

Passionate carers view working in the care industry not as a job, but as a professional vocation and will always want to learn more and build on their existing professional development, knowledge and skills. A good care worker may hold experience and qualifications in Health and Social Care as well as completing specialist and specific training for health conditions such as Dementia and Parkinsons.

Empathy and Patience

A good carer has empathy and the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the people they care for. The ability to do this allows good carers to fully understand the needs of their service users and will tailor the care they provide around their understanding to ensure high quality, person-centred support. A good carer will always be patient and will understand that it’s what you achieve that’s important, not how long it takes you to achieve it.

Being Positive and Encouraging

A good carer will understand the importance of positivity and how it plays a huge part in someone’s well-being. A good carer will always greet the people they care for with a smile and a positive attitude. They will encourage the people they care for to do what they can and will support where needed to ensure you are living as independently as possible or that your mental health and wellbeing is being attended to if required.

Reliable and Respectful of Choices

Good carers are dedicated to being on time and understand that being late can affect the routine of the people they care for. Good carers will often go above and beyond what is expected to ensure their service users are comfortable, safe and that all needs are met. Good carers will respect and empower your decisions and not assume you are unable to make them.

Being Observant with Excellent Communication Skills

Good carers save countless lives with their observation skills. There have been many occasions whereby carers have noticed signs and symptoms, which has led to health conditions being recognised early for the ones they care for. being observant can also help with identifying issues and ensuring their client eats, drinks and sleeps enough.

Good carers will be able to communicate any health concerns effectively with third parties and will always reassure you. Being easy to talk to and a good listener is extremely important in providing the best care. Good carers will encourage conversation and will enjoy listening to the stories about your life, family and friends helping to build trusting relationships.

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