About Carewatch Home Care Services

About Carewatch Home Care Services

2013 was our 20th anniversary and we are proud to continue helping people within our local communities to stay at home. We do this with reliable home care services and dedicated care workers who are proud of the difference they make every day.

The story of Carewatch Home Care

We began our journey in 1993 as a small home care team in Brighton. Our ethos back then was the same as it is now; to lead the way in providing the best quality home care, helping the many thousands of people who would rather stay at home than in a hospital bed, hospice or care home.

Our dedication to enabling those who need care and support to have more choice and control in their life, has seen us continually expand our services and the business.

Today, we have over 150 offices spanning across the whole of the UK, underpinned by our network of highly trained and qualified local teams who all have a real passion to support independent living, making a difference in the lives of those we support each and every day.

The home care services we provide

Our support plans are designed around what is important to you, or your loved ones, and how often you would like to see us. We take a flexible approach to our services as we understand that life is unpredictable; things change, and people change along with their needs and aspirations.

Our customers often choose a combination of some or all of Carewatch services, and many more besides; our work is flexible and varied and the choice is always yours.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about the Carewatch service for yourself, or for a loved one then please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to chat with you.

Contact your local team directly.

We can arrange for your local team to make a home visit to fully assess care needs. The following are some examples of how we help.

How we help

The following are a few examples of just a few of the wide range of home care services that we can offer and what we can do to help.

Help with practical things

We pop in to see Mrs. D every day to make sure all is well. We collect her pharmacy prescriptions and go on shopping trips with, and sometimes for her. We do some regular light cleaning around her home as she is not as able to do this anymore, it takes too much of her energy. Before we leave, we spend some time ensuring she has all she needs for the day.

Mrs. D loves to go to a local coffee morning every week to see her friends for a catch up and a cuppa, so we take her safely and later bring her home.

We also liaise with her local optician and GP, to assist with appointments and help with her medication.

Mrs D. and her family have agreed that we can communicate with them about her well being, and update them on how she is in general. This also means that we will notify them of any significant changes in her health.

In all, we spend about 14 hours a week with Mrs. D. By using the Carewatch service, Mrs. D can spend time on the things that are important to her, and her family.

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Help with personal things

We help Mr. G get up and ready for the day which includes bathing, dressing, and personal appearance.

Whilst we make his breakfast, we have a chat over a cup of tea about his plans for the day ahead, what's happening in the news and with his local football team.

We return in the evening to ensure he has everything he needs, and when he is ready, we assist him in settling in for the night.

Mr. G can vary his support plan at anytime along the way. We spend approximately 11 hours a week with him. Mr. G gets support with the things that have become a little more difficult to do, which provides him with the freedom and independence to do things that are important to him.

Help with other things; returning home from hospital

We supported Mrs. L when she returned home from hospital. She had fallen over and wanted a little extra help until she became more mobile, and regained her confidence.

Mrs L requested a combination of both practical and personal support, which in the first week totalled 20 hours. By the second week, she was making great progress so we spent just 13 hours with her. After this, Mrs. L asked for our carer to visit twice a week for two hours to tidy up and help around her home, of course having a good old chat whilst doing so.

Mrs. L's daughter lives at quite a distance from her mum so with the peace of mind that Carewatch is supporting her, she didn't have to worry about her mum struggling on her own, and could see and hear the difference when she saw her and spoke to her. The Carewatch service supported Mrs. L's  return to independence quickly and effectively.

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Other, long term support; dementia

Our range of home care services is always designed around the needs of our customer. Those with long term conditions such as dementia will need a more unique approach to help them to stay safe at home.

We provide all our staff with dementia care and awareness training. With over 800,000 people in the UK diagnosed with forms of dementia, it is a condition that we all need to be aware of and be able to understand how to keep the individual safe and happy.

We also provide support to families who have a loved one with dementia as this is a difficult and emotional time for all. We will also liaise with a number of local organisations to ensure a holistic approach to our support, fulfilling the needs of the person we support, as well and those around them.

Please read about our dementia home care services to find out more.

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