Welcome to the Carewatch home care blog.

Welcome to our home care blog, where we regularly blog about tips and advice for looking after an elderly relative, or other home care and health related articles.

Recognising Medical Conditions18 May

Recognising Medical Conditions

If you are caring for someone, the sooner you recognise any medical conditions and get treatment, the better. Robin Dynes provides useful advice in his latest article...

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Dementia: Essential Spiritual Care10 April

Dementia: Essential Spiritual Care

When caring for someone living with dementia, attending to everything the person needs support with can mean something vitally important can be missed out – their spiritual well-being.

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Can Exercise Help With Dementia?27 February

Can Exercise Help With Dementia?

Evidence is building to show that regular exercise helps us retain our cognitive and physical abilities as we age. It is good for general health and can help slow the progression of the condition.

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Dementia: Recognising and Managing Pain13 January

Dementia: Recognising and Managing Pain

Pain is something we all experience from time to time. The difference between us and someone with dementia is that we can explain that we are in pain and say what hurts, take painkillers or get appropriate help from the doctor or dentist to treat the ailment...

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