Welcome to the Carewatch home care blog.

Welcome to our home care blog, where we regularly blog about tips and advice for looking after an elderly relative, or other home care and health related articles.

Supporting People with Dementia this Christmas22 December

Supporting People with Dementia this Christmas

Tips for supporting your loved ones in the home and in the community this Christmas

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What is Dementia?11 December

What is Dementia?

Having a basic understanding of how the brain works, what causes dementia and how it affects the brain will help you understand your loved oneā€™s behaviour and needs...

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Activities for Someone in Care10 December

Activities for Someone in Care

Staying active is one of the most important factors in maintaining physical and mental health

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Dementia Signage ā€“ supporting people to live well with dementia05 December

Dementia Signage ā€“ supporting people to live well with dementia

People with dementia can face many challenges, here is one way you can help them to live well...

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Cultivating Compassion02 December

Cultivating Compassion

One of the greatest traits of modern society is the striving towards individual gain, often financial, with consequences of stress, depression, and a disconnection from the world around us.

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Why Home Care Matters17 November

Why Home Care Matters

For anyone who is starting to find daily life a challenge, home care may be a good option.

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Arthritis: Carry On Living10 November

Arthritis: Carry On Living

Some practical tips for living with Arthritis

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Brain Food: 10 Tips to keep a healthy mind29 October

Brain Food: 10 Tips to keep a healthy mind

You are what you eat. Tips for maintaining a healthy mind and body with our top 10 brain foods...

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Signs and Symptoms of Dementia25 September

Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

It is fairly easy to list the signs and symptoms that someone might be starting to be affected by dementia. However, life is not always as simple or straightforward as that...

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Things to consider when your relative is leaving hospital10 September

Things to consider when your relative is leaving hospital

Being discharged from hospital can be a stressful time for most. Here are some things you need to know when your loved one is leaving hospital.

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