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Recognising Medical Conditions18 May

Recognising Medical Conditions

If you are caring for someone, the sooner you recognise any medical conditions and get treatment, the better. Robin Dynes provides useful advice in his latest article...

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Dementia: Recognising and Managing Pain13 January

Dementia: Recognising and Managing Pain

Pain is something we all experience from time to time. The difference between us and someone with dementia is that we can explain that we are in pain and say what hurts, take painkillers or get appropriate help from the doctor or dentist to treat the ailment...

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How to Avoid Carer Burnout31 August

How to Avoid Carer Burnout

Do you fear you may be heading for burnout and want to slam the brakes on before it happens?

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A Carer's Mental Health Toolkit29 June

A Carer's Mental Health Toolkit

As a family or unpaid carer, supporting someone with an ongoing or terminal condition puts an enormous strain on your own mental and physical health. Here's some expert tips on how to look after your mental health...

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How Ageing Affects our Bladder and Bowels [Infographic]27 June

How Ageing Affects our Bladder and Bowels [Infographic]

With bladder and bowel problems thought to affect more than 200 million people worldwide, it can be easy to assume that bladder weakness and bowel issues are an inevitable part of ageing. But it needn’t be.

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Herbs to Help Dementia09 June

Herbs to Help Dementia

Dementia may not be curable at the moment, however there are some herbs and spices that can help with memory and cognitive function

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How Does Homecare Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly?06 June

How Does Homecare Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly?

While some feel that living at home is no longer an option due to ill health, many older people would prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and quality of life can be enhanced this way.

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6 Natural Remedies for Incontinence26 May

6 Natural Remedies for Incontinence

Incontinence affects millions of people here in the UK and although attitudes are changing, it is still considered to be an embarrassing ailment.

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Explaining Dementia to a Child31 March

Explaining Dementia to a Child

Jessica Shepherd, Author and Illustrator of Grandma, shares how she might open a conversation about dementia with a child...

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International Day of Happiness20 March

International Day of Happiness

5 ways to help you feel happier in support of International Day of Happiness, inspired by the Action for Happiness organisation.

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