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Dementia: Essential Spiritual Care10 April

Dementia: Essential Spiritual Care

When caring for someone living with dementia, attending to everything the person needs support with can mean something vitally important can be missed out – their spiritual well-being.

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Can Exercise Help With Dementia?27 February

Can Exercise Help With Dementia?

Evidence is building to show that regular exercise helps us retain our cognitive and physical abilities as we age. It is good for general health and can help slow the progression of the condition.

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Dementia: Recognising and Managing Pain13 January

Dementia: Recognising and Managing Pain

Pain is something we all experience from time to time. The difference between us and someone with dementia is that we can explain that we are in pain and say what hurts, take painkillers or get appropriate help from the doctor or dentist to treat the ailment...

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Dementia Care: Personal Care Tips28 November

Dementia Care: Personal Care Tips

Providing personal care to a loved one can be difficult, and dementia poses its own challenges. Robin Dynes offers personal care tips for care givers in this article...

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Reminiscence Activities for Dementia15 June

Reminiscence Activities for Dementia

Reminiscence activities can help to improve the well being of the person with dementia. Here are some ideas on reminiscence activities you can do at home...

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Herbs to Help Dementia09 June

Herbs to Help Dementia

Dementia may not be curable at the moment, however there are some herbs and spices that can help with memory and cognitive function

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Technology Designs to Help People with Dementia26 May

Technology Designs to Help People with Dementia

In a world of innovation and technology, there are now many ways in which technology can help people living with dementia, and their family.

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Dementia Awareness Week - Lasting Power of Attorney16 May

Dementia Awareness Week - Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting power of attorney is an important decision after a dementia diagnosis

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Get Equipped: A carers guide for essential gadgets16 May

Get Equipped: A carers guide for essential gadgets

There is a variety of tools and products available that can allow carers to take caring for a loved one to a whole new level.

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Signs of Dementia in Elderly Women08 April

Signs of Dementia in Elderly Women

Like any other disease, an early diagnosis of dementia can make a great difference in finding the best available support systems, making the right choices for treatment, and taking decisions for the future.

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