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Dementia: Essential Spiritual Care10 April

Dementia: Essential Spiritual Care

When caring for someone living with dementia, attending to everything the person needs support with can mean something vitally important can be missed out – their spiritual well-being.

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Reminiscence Activities for Dementia15 June

Reminiscence Activities for Dementia

Reminiscence activities can help to improve the well being of the person with dementia. Here are some ideas on reminiscence activities you can do at home...

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Blogging - an Activity for the Elderly18 August

Blogging - an Activity for the Elderly

Blogging is an activity that many people don't consider taking up as a hobby, but here are several reasons why you should start blogging...

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Gardening Therapy Project for Dementia16 July

Gardening Therapy Project for Dementia

Starting a garden project with a loved one living with dementia can be of great therapeutic benefit to you both...

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Activities for the Summer Months06 July

Activities for the Summer Months

Activities to keep you from feeling lonely and isolated over the summer months...

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The benefits of having a hobby16 April

The benefits of having a hobby

Hobbies provide an escape from the responsibilities of every day life, offering us a chance to do something we really enjoy. The benefits of hobbies are widely recognised, both physically and mentally.

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The Power of Music Over Memory09 February

The Power of Music Over Memory

Music is one of the greatest phenomena ever to grace our Earth, demonstrating profound effects on our brain and memories..

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Caring for Someone with Dementia 20 January

Caring for Someone with Dementia

You may come across many challenges whilst caring for somebody with dementia, here is how you can help...

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Tips to Keep Smiling09 January

Tips to Keep Smiling

Some tips on ways you can lift your spirits through the dark winters and all year round...

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Supporting People with Dementia this Christmas22 December

Supporting People with Dementia this Christmas

Tips for supporting your loved ones in the home and in the community this Christmas

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