Awards for Isle of Wight Care Staff

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Carewatch ICare awards has seen two dedicated Isle of Wight team members recognised for their work

28 March

Every Quarter, Carewatch provides awards and recognition to staff via the ICare scheme. We are proud to announce that we had two winners from our Isle of Wight team this quarter.

  • Sarah Greenwell – Sarah has been a real asset to the branch.  She has given up her free time and cancelled annual leave to ensure all calls are covered.  She regularly offers to assist other Care Workers (even when it is supposed to be her time off) if they are not PEG fed trained.
  • Tara Colebrook – Tara received feedback from a Service Users’s family, thanking her for the positive impact she has had on her Grandmother.  Tara goes above and beyond and provides peace of mind to the Service User’s family every day.

Branch Manager, Claire said: “I felt very proud to be able to present this I Care Award to Sarah.

Sarah was involved in a care package for a 24/7 lady who has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Sarah gave up her planned annual leave due to sickness and also do some very in depth Care Guidance Notes that supported other carers immensely both with the care and Peg Feed. I am proud to have such a dedicated carer.”

This is an example of what Care Workers are doing on a daily basis and many people rely on them to make a difference in their day.

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