Infographic: Care Worker Attributes

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Care work requires a really special kind of person…

24 January

People who choose to work in care are really special people who are usually looking to lead a life where they can make a difference to others.

We can train people on most things like delivering a care plan, safeguarding, and how to preserve dignity when delivering personal care. However, some things are personality attributes such as;

  • Having unconditional love for people, no matter what their situation
  • The ability to help people feel special, unique and important
  • Having empathy and helping people feel better about themselves
  • The ability to communicate so that they can provide reassurance and comfort

If you are looking for care for yourself, or for a loved one then you want to know how people are selected to be home care workers… well, apart form the security checks and interviews, we look for special qualities in their personality…

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Do you have what it takes to work in home care?

If you have these attributes then we would love to hear from you, please call your local Carewatch Team, or you can search for our latest jobs on our home care jobs site.

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