Our Leeds home care service recently received a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection, resulting in a 'Good' rating

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regularly inspect care services in both the public and private sectors.Their inspection is based upon our home care service being safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led.During the inspection, the CQC also talk with our Service users, and our staff, including Care Workers.

Supporting our Service Users

Service Users of our Leeds home care advised that they felt confident in the care and support provided by staff and had no concerns about safety.

We received many postive responses from our servicve users, such as:

“The staff are well trained, very good. Even the new ones are good.”

“They have constant training. They are always telling me about going into the office to train.”

“They are usually on time or they ring up to say they might be ten minutes late. The office does this.”

“They are caring. We have a nice chat, very friendly.”

“They are very good, very patient with [name of person]’s Alzheimer’s, they talk to her and reassure her. They try to interact even when the conversations are not going well.”

“The plan was discussed and I was listened to. They looked around the house to make sure I could manage on the plan.”

“They came and introduced themselves when I was in hospital and we discussed the care plan.”

Supporting our Care Workers

Carewatch provides the highest level of training and support to our Care Workers to ensure they are providing a great service. Our Care Workers commented:

“I like the feel here, it is always supportive and friendly,”

“You can ask anyone anything and you get an answer,”

“It’s easy to talk to the managers, they listen and they are understanding.”

Read the full report here.