Carewatch Wigan wins Branch Staff of the Year award

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Carewatch Wigan won Branch Staff of the Year Awards at the recent Carewatch awards due to their flawless work ethic and tireless effort to support their customers and fellow employees…

23 March

At the recent Carwatch awards night, Carewatch Wigan scooped the Branch Staff of the Year award, which took place at the prestigious Stratford Manor, Warwickshire.

There was a lot of strong contenders for the award but Carewatch Wigan’s team stood above the rest.

Credit went to Senior Care Organiser Alyson Hart who was commended for balancing a heavy workload with helping others in need and offering constant advice and support to others.

Haley Wilson, Branch Manager, says: “I am thrilled the team has won this award and would like to thank my fellow team members at Carewatch Wigan for their support and fantastic work ethic.

“The job is hugely rewarding and sometimes very challenging, so it is great to get this recognition.”

Carewatch CEO, Scott Christie, comments: “The Wigan staff are deserving winners of this award and are an absolute credit to Carewatch.

“We always emphasise hiring highly capable staff and the Wigan team epitomises the attributes and values we treasure.”