Caring for someone with depression

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Depression affects people of all ages. This blog post aims to offer practical insight for those caring for someone with depression at home.

22 August

Although Depression is a common disorder it can be difficult to care for someone who is depressed. The initial stages of depression can be hard and rather tiresome but the long-term results are usually a reward in itself.

Unfortunately, Doctors and nurses cannot be therefore 24 hours a day to monitor a change in someone’s behaviour or mood and therefore having a carer is where this support is needed. The role of a carer for someone with depression entails a great deal of tolerance and can require a lot of determination but it is vital to a person’s progress and depending on the severity of the depression it could save someone’s life.

Ensure you take care of yourself too

It is important, due to the extent of the condition that support is delegated to others so that you have time to look after yourself. If you are unable to have time to yourself this may reflect badly onto your patient and you may become unable to look after their welfare.

Remember, tough-love is never the answer

As much as your support is needed if your loved one is suffering with depression, there are certain strategies that can be unhelpful to their progress. It may be hard not to get frustrated at times but you should try to stay away from the tough-love approach as it does little to inspire positive change. In addition, although it is perfectly normal to offer advice, a person with depression needs to be given the chance to ask for help rather than given guidance, as they are more likely to take direction if they have asked for it first. Finally, you must be patient if you are caring for someone with depression. It may feel that you are walking on eggshells at times but it is important to remember that just being there to support is a gift in itself.

If you are caring for someone with depression it is good to remember that it may take as long to recover as it was for the person to become depressed in the first place. Therefore it is important to monitor their progress frequently and review how far they have came along.

If the person you are caring for has taken a turn for the worse, it may be worth calling their GP to assess whether any further appointments need to be made or whether medical treatment needs to be prescribed or altered.

Receive additional support when caring for someone with depression

Carewatch provide additional support for loved one’s caring for someone with depression at home, including respite care.  For further information contact us by filling out an online enquiry form or call us on 0808 274 3327.