Loneliness is a growing and serious problem, both for the people living with loneliness, and for our communities

The Local Government Association, along with Campaign to End Loneliness and Age UK, as part of a drive to share important information and updates from the Health and Social Care Sector, have published a new report titled ‘Combating Loneliness, A Guide for Local Authorities’.

The estimated number of lonely people aged over 65 is at over 1 million

There is very strong evidence that loneliness can increase the pressure on a wide range of council and health services, and can be the cause of a significant number of attendances at GP surgeries.

A review also found that loneliness can increase the risk of premature death by around 30%, while another study revealed loneliness can be more harmful to a person’s health than smoking 30 cigarettes a day.

The full report is here, providing solutions of where Local Authorities can help. As a provider of home care in the community, Carewatch recognises where there is social isolation and encourages people to take part in activities that will help to reduce loneliness where we can.

However, it is also our responsibility as a community to help people who may be feeling isolated or lonely. Read our tips on how you can reach out to people you feel may be lonely or isolated.

Also see our guide on how to feel less lonely.

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