Activities for People with Dementia

Boredom creates stress for us all; it causes restlessness, irritation and frustration. Therefore it’s not surprising that it has a big effect on people experiencing dementia, whether the dementia is mild, moderate or severe.

Your loved one may have plenty of energy but lack the ability to continue their former activities. So, what is the best way to combat this, and why the focus on Activities for People with Dementia? Continuing to participate in daily life and doing things contributes to maintaining self esteem, general well-being and a feeling of being in control of life. It also acts as a distraction from the condition, helping your loved one to focus on the more positive aspects of life.

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Written by an expert author

The series of activity guides have been exclusively written for Carewatch by Robin Dynes. Robin has worked in the National Health Service, Social Services and Adult Education for over 30 years as a counsellor and trainer. His main role has been to develop innovative services to meet the needs of older people and others who are vulnerable.

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