Create a Family Crisis Plan

It is when you realise how much support that someone with dementia requires that as a family, you will need to pull together and create a crisis plan.

Expert author, Robin Dynes who has worked in the National Health Service, Social Service and Adult Education for over 30 years has created a guide, exclusivley for Carewatch to help you create a family crisis plan.

Putting together a crisis plan is not a simple task so this guide aims to help you achieve a desired outcome of support. It also addresses the challenges you will face, and how to deal with them effectively.

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We hope that it helps you as a family. Please remember that Carewatch can help you, we're just a phone call, or an email away. It also helps family carers, already caring for a loved one with complex needs or where high levels of support are required. A live in care service can provide round the clock care to allow you to take a break, or even a holiday.


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Step-by-step Advice

  • Arrange a family meeting
  • Send out an agenda
  • Agree some ground rules
  • Work through the agenda

The Guide help you with

  • Summarise what has been agreed
  • Schedule follow up meetings
  • Send everyone a record of what has been agreed
  • Organisations and sources of useful information
  • Make sure everyone has opportunity to express their views

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