Following a dementia diagnosis, it's important to take steps to look after yourself, not just in practical ways but also emotionally

Our expert dementia author, Robin Dynes has created a guide, 'Learning to live with Dementia'. This is essential reading if you have a loved one who has just been dignosed with dementia.

Helping you to come to terms with, and accept what lies ahead, especially if you are going to be your loved one's main carer is important to enable you both to get the best out of life. In many ways caring for someone with dementia is like taking a leap into the dark. Most people are unprepared and fearful about how they will cope. It is a journey during which you will experience turbulence, confusion and go through many emotions. These include joy, worry, stress, anger, laughter and tears.

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Carewatch Dementia Guide

The Guide provides ten suggestions for coping, what you need to know, and how to approach things with your loved one.

We hope this will help you learn to live with dementia, making the most of the time you have with your loved one.

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