Caring for Yourself

Caring for Yourself

Caring for someone with dementia can have a significant effect on your own health and life. You may often put your loved one’s needs before your own but unless you look after yourself you will find it more and more difficult to cope. This in turn will impact on how you look after the person with dementia.

Our expert dementia author, Robin Dynes has created a short guide to help you take steps to look after yourself whilst you are caring for a loved one with dementia.

Caring For Yourself

It's important to look after yourself, ensuring that you do things for yourself and take regular breaks. The nature of dementia means that as time goes on, it's likely that caring for your loved one will become more difficult and more emotionally and physically draining.

The guide will help you to feel prepared, and provides you with tips for your ongoing health and well-being.

Carewatch Dementia Guide: Caring for Yourself

The guide contains information about what to do to ensure that you get the right support, it also encourages you to monitor your own well-being on a regular basis.

Far too many carers reach a crisis point before they get help, we hope that this guide will encourage you to take the right steps to ensure that you can not only look after your loved one in the best way that you can, but also ensuring your own health is not affected.

Download your FREE Carewatch Dementia Guide: Caring for Yourself

Respite Care

If you would like to take a regular break, or a holiday, Carewatch can provide a reliable respite care service so that your loved one can continue to live in their own home with our support. This means that you can get away and relax, knowing they are in safe hands.

It's also possible for a Care Worker to come on a holiday with you so that you can take respite whilst you're on holiday, or perhaps not do so much caring work but enjoy a holiday with your loved one.

Please contact your local team today to arrange your obligation free home care assessment.

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