Hartlepool home care services team receives ‘Good’ rating on latest Care Quality Commission Inspection

“They are worth their weight in gold, I have regular carers and they are wonderful.”

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regularly inspect care services, ensuring they are delivering a high quality of care in the community.

Carewatch Hartlepool recently received a rating of ‘Good’. During the inspection, various aspects of our service is scrutinised; care records, staff training, and how the service is managed.

The CQC inspector also interviews Care Workers, office staff, and service users to find out how they feel about how well they are supported.

“They are very kind when they are here. The regulars are excellent, they stay as long as they should. I have a regular care worker who comes to take me out, she’s very good.”

CQC reported that their findings showed people were cared for by well trained and knowledgeable staff. Staff said they were supported to carry out their role. One staff member said, “We have supervision every three months and our manager is approachable, she would help.”

“They have everything down to a fine art, if I am a bit poorly they’ll stop and chat and fetch me a cup of tea.”

People said they were treated with dignity and respect. One person said, “I didn’t want help really, and it took me a long while to accept help in the shower and things, I was so embarrassed, but I have come round to it and the girls are so good, they help me make it private, so it’s alright.”

Although the team were asked to improve rotas and staff consistency, they are currently recruiting and have recruited a number of Care Workers who receive full induction training before they begin care. The CQC reported that at the time of the inspection the service provider was implementing a re-structure of the service to address the issue people had raised about staff rotas.

Service Users commented:

“I have regular carers now and they are wonderful.”

“We have a regular carer and she is very good, they have got [my relative] settled down now.”

Training Home Care Workers

A family member reported to the CQC: “They seem to be very well trained.” Another family member said, “[My relative] will only take to certain people, so it’s regular carers we have. They all seem very well trained.”

One staff member said about their training: “There is plenty of training for anybody who wants it.”

The CQC reported: Training records confirmed training the registered provider identified as essential was up to date. Staff said they were well supported to carry out their role.

Read the full report here.