Helping Couples Stay Together

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14 February

When we think of who is in need of home care, we tend to think of people who are alone, ill, or disabled. However, all too often we see elderly couples where one has a health condition or has become frail, meaning that they need a lot of support to stay in their own home. Often, their spouse is elderly too and not able to provide the support that they need, or the amount of support they are already providing is beginning to affect their own health.

Elderly couples, in the majority, have spent many years together and it can be devastating for them to be split up, having one go into a care home and leaving the other behind, alone. Some have never spent a night apart.

Often the spouse who is left alone, experiences a deep sense of loss and a deteriation in their health and wellbeing. They also have to travel to whatever care home their partner is in to visit regularly, and if getting out and about is difficult, this proves to be another challenge to overcome.

Couples may keep quiet about their struggles with daily life as they fear being split up in this way. If you have elderly parents where one is carer to the other, it might be worth having a chat with them to gently find out how they are coping and to reassure that it’s not a failing to ask for help, looking after their own wellbeing can enable them to carry on living their lives how they want to, for as long as possible.

Support at home for elderly couples helps them to stay together, maintaining the relationship they’ve kept for all these years. Even if you have an elderly parent who appears to be managing well with caring for their spouse, it’s important they understand that they can get respite care too.

Having a little friendly support now and then can really improve quality of life for both, and keep their relationship healthy and strong.

How we help couples stay together…

An example of where Carewatch has helped in this way is when our customer Mrs B was the main carer for her husband, and had been for many years. Mr B had suffered a stroke after he retired and became wheel chair dependent. Mrs B was providing a whole level of home care and support for her husband.

When Mrs B started to become unwell with heart problems, providing daily care for her husband was proving too much for her. Mr and Mrs B came to Carewatch for help, we provided the couple with two carers, four times daily to support Mr B. As his health deteriorated we were able to adjust the times, and number of visits to suit his needs. Unfortunately Mr B became terminally ill and received end of life care from Carewatch; however we enabled this couple to stay together forever as they had vowed to each other all those years ago.

They were not split up at any time and Mrs B was involved in husband’s care right until the very end. We enabled him to pass away with all his loved ones around him, peacefully in his own home.  Although this was a very sad time for Mrs B, she felt supported as she had also built up relationships with her care workers, who became her supportive friends.

If you know a couple who might need our help…

If you have elderly parents, or know a couple who may need a little extra support and TLC, contact your local Carewatch team.

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