Find a local & rewarding job as a carer

Find a local & rewarding job as a carer

We offer progression for those who wish to further their Health and Social Care career

As one of the UK’s largest provider of home and health care, we recognise that the success of our company is based on two very important principles; our business is about the people we serve, and the people who deliver that service.

We recruit people who are experienced in social care, and people who are completely new to the care sector. It is important to us, and to our customers that we recruit people of all backgrounds, cultures, and ages.

Whether you are experienced or not, you will receive full Carewatch training.

The video below features Tracy, Home Care Worker during one of her twice daily visits to Jack.

If you would like to join us, and begin a wonderful and rewarding career, please follow the steps below when applying for our home care jobs:

Step one

Read the job description for the job you are interested in to ensure that it is right for you.

Step two

Read the information available on this site to understand more about Carewatch, and what we do.

Step three

All of our teams recruit locally, you can search for a job near to you and apply.

If you are unable to find one, it doesn't mean that we're not recruiting in your area, we would still like to hear from you so please contact your local team.

Step four

Download and complete our home care jobs application form.

Working with Carewatch

The company was founded on the principle of setting the benchmark standard in the provision of the highest quality of care, staff and services and these remain at the core of what we stand for today.

Through continual investment in our employees, we are able to focus on delivering quality services by ensuring our teams have the attitude and empathy to deliver the type of service that people want and deserve.

Our company ethos is recognised as personal, caring and supportive. Our staff make a real difference to lives of the people we support, and to the service we provide so we strive to work with people who have the spirit, passion and desire to put individual at the heart of everything we do.

Jobs Section - carer and elderly woman

Our mission is to provide a range of personalised solutions to individuals and families who need care and support within their own homes, enabling them to preserve their independence and dignity. We do this with dedication, integrity and compassion and by adhering to a set of core values.

Our ethics and values are to:

  • provide the highest quality care and support to all
  • show absolute compassion to all of our customers and colleagues
  • offer all staff the opportunity to excel and achieve
  • act with complete integrity and honesty at all times
  • identify and support opportunities for improvement

Search our latest home care jobs...

If empathy, compassion and the desire for helping others comes naturally to you, we would like to hear from you.

  • Have a look for careers in home care local to you, with our home care jobs search.
  • You can also keep up to date with our home care jobs vacancies by following @JobsatCarewatch on Twitter.

As an employer, Carewatch treats everybody equally.

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