Providing Long Term Home Care

There are times when home care and support needs are more permanent and by providing long term care within the home and community setting, we often provide families and their loved ones with the option of staying at home rather than go into nursing homes or residential care.
Our highly trained Home Care Workers can support with practical help at home, personal home care, and more complex and intensive care needs for people who need long term care and support.

Long term care requirements may include dementia care, end of life care, ongoing disability or mental health support, stroke recovery, cancer treatment support, and other long term illnesses.

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Preparing a relative for long term care

Long term health care for a friend or relative can be a daunting process but understanding the various levels of care can help you choose the most appropriate options. Selecting a facility can be overwhelming with so many questions to ask including affordability, location and services available. There are many options available such as home care, day programmes, assisted living and nursing homes.
Here at Carewatch we provide support to help with the decision you choose, for yourself or for a loved one, offering help with using home adaptions such as walk in showers and disabiltiy access.

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