5 Ways to Become More Social

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Being social doesn’t come that easy to some of us, here’s some easy ways to get socialising..

25 August

If you’ve been out of your social circles for a while due to health reasons, anxiety or illness, it can be difficult to suddenly launch back into to how things were.

It can also be harder if you are leaning towards more of an introvert personality where you are pretty happy with your own company but do like to socialise now and then.

So, whatever your reasons for the need to re-introduce socialising into your life, here are 5 easy ways you can do this.

1. Build confidence

If you have been out of the world of socialising for a while, you may have forgotten what’s great about you. Remind yourself of your good qualities by making a list. This is a good way to affirm positivity to yourself to build up some confidence.

If you’re feeling low, and are struggling to remember your good points, ask a friend or a family member to tell you what they love about you. It might be an eye opener and will serve as a helpful reminder.

2. Remove barriers and negative thoughts

You may start to feel a little anxious at the thought of socialising, but in real life it’s never as bad as you might imagine.

Try to breathe deeply, remind yourself that everything is going to be OK and that you are OK. You are in control. Even if you make it to a social event for an hour and one drink, then go back home, that will be a big acheivement.

Avoidance can build up feelings of anxiety and make the next time that much harder, so being brave and going to that event will be a healthy choice.

3. Start practising online

Using social media can help with building up a bit of confidence. It can also help you to connect to local and like-minded people.

There might be a local event happening that you can arrange to go to with your friends on Facebook – that way you have the opportunity to secure good offline friendships too.

4. Small talk

If you haven’t made small talk for a while, it can be difficult. Practice on family members, or friends that you can phone. Or you can have a go at the bus stop.

Once you start chatting, you will start to remember what it was all about and enjoy it.

5. Postivity

Everyone likes positivity, and to get more positive, try using gratitude. Being grateful for things in life can help you to feel more positive. Also, regular exercise is great for the mind. Try taking a brisk walk in the fresh air or doing some yoga.

It can be a bit daunting and awkward at first if you haven’t socialised for a while, or if you find socialising difficult. However, with a little practice you will soon be back into the swing of things and might meet some new friends.