We all experience a bad mood now and then, it's only natural. Here's some tips on how to lift a bad mood

18 August

You wake up and just feel grumpy. Maybe you didn’t get a good quality sleep? Perhaps you need to eat more mood boosting foods? Those are other things you can look at, but for now how about shifting that bad mood into a lighter, more contented feeling for the day ahead…

Go for a walk, jog or do some yoga

Going for a brisk walk, or a short jog can really lift that mood and help you feel better. Exercise releases endorphins which is a chemical in the brain that relieves pain. It also triggers a positive feeling. It’s why some people really like to take a run every morning.

If you prefer something more gentle, and indoors, then try a yoga session. You can do this by looking up a workout to suit you on YouTube. There are lots available. Here is one specifically designed to lift your mood: