5 ways to help you feel happier in support of International Day of Happiness, inspired by the Action for Happiness organisation

20 March

Today is International Day of Happiness, inspired by the Action for Happiness organisation. The happiness movement encourages people to create their own happiness, while helping and encouraging others to be happy too.

Action for Happinesspromotes ten factors to incorporate into your daily life with the aim of helping you to feel happier and improving your feelings of wellbeing.

The ten key points to happier living, can be remembered with the phrase Great Dream as below:

iving – doing things for others
elating – connecting with people
xercising – Taking care of your body
ppreciating – Notice the world around you
rying out – Keep learning new things

irection – Have goals to look forward to
esilience – Find ways to bounce back
motion – Take a positive approach
cceptance – Be comfortable with who you are
eaning – Be part of something bigger

To support International Day of Happiness, we’ve shared our top 5 ways to help you to feel happier:

1. Write yourself a love letter

We often don’t take time to appreciate good things about ourselves. Often, we focus on things we don’t like, rather than accepting our flaws and spending more time embracin our good qualities.

Write yourself a letter, explaining what you love about yourself.

For example “I am a supportive person, and go out of my way to be there for my family and friends when they need my support”

2. Go for a walk in the country

A short walk each day, especially if you can get to, or are already in the countryside, will help to relieve stress, and contribute to your physical health.

Using walking as an enjoyable activity, taking in your surroundings, and the fresh air will help you feel more relaxed and you’ll probably sleep better too.

3. Sign up for a  class or club.

If you have always wanted to try learning something new, there are plenty of classes in most areas these days, so why not sign up for a class in something that interests you. This could be anything from a hobby, new or old, to taking classes like art, maths and english.

You may also be able to find hobby clubs in your area such as reading. Google a few things in your area, or ask your local council.

4. Get in touch with an old friend

With the internet making it easier to find people, take the opportunity to find and reach out to an old friend. Or catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while, this is a great way to make two people feel happier at once!

5. Support a charity

Supporting a charity can provide you with lots to do. If there’s one thing a charity needs, aside from funding, that’s your time.

Most charities offer volunteer opportunities and this can be a really good way of meeting new people.