Live in Carer Jobs

Live in Carer Jobs

When applying for live in carer jobs at Carewatch, you'll need to know what to expect and when. This is our live in carer recruitment process to help you get started...

I would like to be a live in carer

Great! We need people like you. Before you take your application further though, please be sure this is what you want. If you've done it before then you'll already know. However, if you're new to live in care then you need to be sure as it is a big commitment. You'll be living with your customer, supporting your customer will be your main priority. This is a big step for the customer too so you need to be commited.

A live in carer is just like a visting care worker in the work that it may involve so please check through our care worker job description.

Available live in care positions

You might find a live in care job advertised by Carewatch, or you might wish to make a prospective application. Either way, we would like to hear from you as we often have live in care jobs available so that we can match you up with a customer.

To make an application, you can contact the advertising Carewatch branch directly, or you can apply here.

  • Use our job search to see if there's any live in carer positions available now
  • Keep up with our job opportunities by following¬†@JobsatCarewatch on Twitter


Feel free to ring your local office or complete an enquiry form to us to ask any questions about what the job involves, to make sure this is the type of job for you.

Responding to a live in carer job advert

If applying to your local Carewatch branch for an advertised live in carer role, via this site then our recruitment process applies.

Making a prospective application

If you're making a prospective application, meaning that you'd like to work with Carewatch but have not seen a job vacancy for live in care then please apply here.

We will still get in touch and pre-screen you. Please check our recruitment process.

If we have no placements for you then we'll get in touch with you once we have. Please ensure you let us know where in the UK you'd like to work.

Offer of a live in carer position

It is at this stage that we will complete your application. Following a successful application, references and security checks, you'll go through our induction and mandatory training for 10 days.

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