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Many people often don't know where to start when wishing to set up live in care for their loved one, and have many questions. You can also download the 7-Step Guide to Live in Care to take away with you.
For anyone looking for some company on a regular basis, it is always more enjoyable to share with another person, be that a meal, a cup of tea, or a good conversation. A companionship care service can extend to live in for going on holidays and breaks away.

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Live in Care Guide

01. Looking your options

When you or a loved one becomes unwell, or finds it difficult to cope at home, we understand that changes need to be made. Making changes can be difficult, especially when there are so many options available to choose from such as; Hospices, nursing homes, care homes, and live in home care.

We want you to feel welcome to contact us and arrange for one of our experienced care professionals to visit you at home and discuss your options with you. This can help you feel confident and informed about the decision you will be making.

Live in Care Guide

02. Choosing a Live in Care Service Provider

Following your initial meeting with Carewatch, where we will chat about how we can help, we will offer you a brochure about our live in care service as a reminder of what we have to offer you, or your loved one.

Please remember, if you have any questions or want a chat, we are only a phone call away! We’re happy to talk to you in depth and go through all of your options at any stage.


Live in Care Guide

Care Assessment and Planning Meeting

After you have decided that live in care with Carewatch is the choice for you, we will set up an assessment meeting with your local team. This is where our senior care professional arranges a visit to your home at a time to suit you to carry out an assessment.

By listening to your needs and wishes, our senior care professional will create a personalised care plan which is based around you. If you want to, you can invite key members of your family, or friends to attend. Whatever will make you feel happy and comfortable about having somebody within your home

Your care plan not only covers what daily support you require but also covers personal goals such as keeping up hobbies and interests, social activities you enjoy and would like to attend, or any family and friends you want to make effort to keep in contact with; whether it’s them coming to see you or you visiting them. We will also go through your specific requirements when it comes to; mobility, medication, and any routines you may have.

Remember, every care plan is person centred and made to fit you and your life. Anything you want or need, do not hesitate to tell us!

Live in Care Guide

04. Your Live in Care Quote and Funding

Live in care, in most cases is an affordable and viable alternative to the disruption and trauma of moving out of your own home and into residential care. Our live in care rates can be provided once we have completed a home assessment. This way, we can understand your specific needs, and you will have all the information to hand to make your decision. Funding for support may be available from your local authority, depending on your needs so it will be best to contact them and find out if you qualify for this.

Live in Care Guide

05. Compatibility Process

We understand that having someone come and live in your home with you as a live in carer is going to be a difficult process to adapt to, as essentially you have a stranger moving into your home. To make this process easier, we have a “compatibility process”. We employ carers of all backgrounds, ages, gender and culture, and all have different levels of experience, interests and skills.

We put individual carer profiles together after meeting with you, so that you can look at profiles of carers we feel are more suited to you based on your preferences and needs. You can pick a select few and either talk to them over the phone or meet with them, like an interview. Our customers receiving our live in care service tell us that this process works really well for them as it provides them with choice and control. You choose who you have within your home, ensuring you feel as comfortable as possible.

Live in Care Guide

06. Beginning your Live in Care Service

You make the decision as to when your live in care service begins, and once you decide this:

  • Your new carer will move into your home
  • Support with day to day living
  • and hopefully you’ll make a new friend in the process
Live in Care Guide

07. Regular Reviews

Throughout your time with us from the day you choose to start your Carewatch live in care service, to the day you don’t need it anymore, we will have regular phone calls and meetings to ensure everything is ok for you. Usually, your live in carer will be the one who will recommend and discuss changes in your care plan, however one of our senior care professionals will also check with you that the levels of support you are receiving is enough and that you’re reaching your desired goals.

If you’d like to discuss any changes to your personalised care plan at anytime, you can do so. We shall continue to support you daily throughout your time with us and we want to ensure that you get the best out of life.

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