Music has always had a positive effect on people living with dementia, but singing can help too...

Music stirs up memories and emotions which can be great for people with dementia. It’s brilliant to see how playing music can help to increase talking and communication. In the later stages of dementia, musical appreciation is one of the last remaining abilities.

Singing songs from musicals

It has also been reported that singing songs from musicals can help improve brain function for people with dementia.

You might like to try singing to the person. Try to stick to songs that were common during their childhood. These are songs with the best chance of being remembered and invoking that warm and fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. Some good bets include:

  • The Sound of Music
  • When you Wish Upon a Star
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Singing for the Brain

Often a person with dementia may become withdrawn and stop communicating. Music treatment has proved to be very effective for reducing this apathy and it is heart-warming to see the emotional responses that familiar music can invoke. There are Alzheimer’s Society ‘Music for the Brain’ sessions being held over the UK that are putting this into practice.

Here is a video from one of their sessions:

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