New BBC2 Series; Protecting our Parents

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A new BBC2 programme will ask how we’re going to care for older people as we try to cope with the scale of our demographic changes…

15 April

A series of three programmes beginning Thursday 17th April on BBC2 at 9pm, willexplore three cases over a year, involving elderly people, their family, and care professionals.

Protecting our Parents, will ask the question that is increasingly becoming more at the forefront of issues in our society; what are we going to do when we get old, and how are we caring for our elderly parents?

The programme advises that there are currently more pensioners living in Britain today than there are children.

Following staff from the NHS and Social Services older adult care teams, they take a look into the lives of three elderly people; Betty Williams, Jim Page and Henry Robinson.

83 year old Betty will be featured this Thursday. Suffering from a fall as her home is cluttered, Betty’s niece tries to convince her that she needs some help. Betty fears losing her independence.

At Carewatch we see this often, it can be hard to convince older people that they needn’t lose their independence but they might need a little help to stay safely in their home.

Over the three episodes, the programme aims to show the realisitic side of caring for our older generations and the people working in the care sector. It also demonstrates some of the challenges faced by hospitals when weighing up the strong desire of the patient to return home, against infection control, home support networks and their ongoing safety.

If you would like to read more about the challenges we face with our ageing society, read the House of Lords report: Ready for Ageing?

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential impact of our ageing population on public services.