Kendal Home Care Team Continues to Support Customers Despite Cumbria Floods

Carewatch Kendal care team went above and beyond their duty of care, putting customers before themselves in the latest Cumbria floods...

Kendal Home Care Team Continues to Support Customers Despite Cumbria Floods 08 December

Carewatch Kendal home care team, based in South Cumbria, continued against all odds in the latest floods across Cumbria.

With a months worth of rain falling in just one day, many homes were destroyed, with 42,000 homes left without power.

Flood 4 SmallDespite our customers thankfully avoiding the floods, three of our Home Care and Support Workers unfortunately had their homes flooded. Field Care Supervisor, Christine Lamb, was one of the unlucky few.


Christine was on-call throughout the floods and despite her own home being flooded, she prioritised contacting all of her customers and care workers, ensuring they were ok, rather than saving her own possessions.

Christine said to Manager Andrew Bentham, "There are more important things in life than my house".

Christine also praised the Care Workers who continued working through the floods in such difficult conditions.

Carewatch Care Workers who had days off during the floods, volunteered to assist their colleagues.

Andrew Bentham, Manager of Carewatch Kendal, who was stuck in Preston throughout the floods said "I really don't know how they did it. One of our Care Workers asked for last night off, after working all weekend, so she could salvage any belongings she had left.

I don't know how they continued, knowing that they could have been left homeless from the floods, but continued to support our customers as first priority.

All of the staff were amazing and all offered to help out. Some carers got to places I wouldn't of imagined possible. I really can't praise them enough".

Here is a video of Christine Lamb, Field Care Supervisor, who put her customers and colleagues first, before herself and her own home.

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