Scottish Care Conference 2017 - “Bring Care Home”

Scottish Care - National Care at Home & Housing Support Services Awards 2017

Scottish Care Conference 2017 - “Bring Care Home” 24 May

This year’s Scottish Care conference was hosted by Donald Macaskill, Chair of Scottish Care.

The conference was cnetred around the “Bring Care Home” report. Focussing on moving away from historic task and time commissioning, creating flexible relationship centred care, targeting prevention orientated support opposed to reactive. Donald Macaskill spoke about the “clock watching” directive of electronic call monitoring and the disappearance of “mopping and shopping” visits that centred on continuity of friendships and harnessed relationships between customer and carer.

A 63% decline in commissioning of these calls since 2002 leaves only 4% of non-personal care calls remaining, removing the time for necessary relationship building of trust between client and carer.

Shona Robinson Cabinet Secretary for Heath Well Being & Sport gave Ministerial Address and Q&A session, concentrated upon health & prevention, and the Well Being strategy / Scottish Living wage was a topic along with gender splits.

The following video was created for the conference, representatives from Carewatch and other care rpoviders were recorded delivering care and support to the wonderful characters across Scotland.

Scottish Care: What a Difference Good Care Makes

 Awards Evening

George Rattigan from Carewatch South Lanarkshire was a finalist at the Housing Support Services Awards 2017. However, the overall winner of the category and our congratulations go to Lynsey Torbit from Bluebird Care.

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