How a home care service can help support you and your child with learning disabilities to live well.

Caring for a child with a learning disability, although rewarding, can be extremely hard work. Learning disabilities have certain traits, the presentations of these traits are completely unique and vary with each individual. As the parent, you will know and understand your child, and may feel worried about letting someone else help. Home Care and Support Workers who specialise in learning disability support are trained to understand the basics of any given condition. The support worker also knows that every individual is unique and like anyone, they will need to get to know them and understand them.

Take the autism spectrum for example, some may have challenging behaviours such as outbursts of uncontrollable anger, a parent dealing with this on a daily basis will become drained and exhausted if regular breaks are not taken. The autism spectrum ranges so widely, that you cannot say that an autistic person is like this, or like that.  Some people with autism are high functioning individuals with academic intelligence, however really struggle with emotional intelligence so they are unable to pick up on the subtleties of social interactions.Cerebral Palsy, again has differing levels of impact on the individual which are unique.

Many children with learning disabilities are able to live independently as they get older, sometimes with a little help, or supervision. And there are other learning disabilities that each carries their own individual characteristics, some people may have more than one disorder.

There may also be mobility challenges that accompany the learning disability, even then.In some cases though, complete dependence on the family is needed and this can cause much stress. It is essential to take a break.

Take some time out

As a parent, looking after your child is a labour of love, you love your child unconditionally. However, you also need to take care of yourself. Even if you can get a couple of hours a week, just to relax and gather your thoughts can make all the difference.

A support worker can help you in many ways; by doing tasks for you around your home like cleaning, or preparing meals so that you can get a rest and have some space. A support worker can come with you on your family holiday so that you can relax a bit more.

Connect with other parents

Taking your child to local learning disability activity groups where you can connect with other parents can be a vital support network. Contact your local council to find out what is available in your area.