The Alzheimer's Society Introduces... The Dementia Superheroes!

Explaining the concept of Dementia can be a very difficult and upsetting task. It can be very confusing for them to see a family member behave differently but without any understanding of why that is.

For that reason, the Alzheimer’s Society have developed a new way to help children begin to understand what Dementia is, and how people can help to make life easier for those suffering from dementia; the Dementia Superheroes! The Dementia Superheroes are three characters based around the real life people that are trying to help people with Dementia, who have a monthly comic book which parents can order to give to their children in exchange for a donation to the charity.

As well as making the condition seem less scary by presenting in cartoon form, it also teaches the children about the people helping behind the scenes – such as volunteers, scientists and carers. The three heroes are Violet Volunteer, Sophia Scientist and Carl Carer. Parents also choose one of three amounts, which represent how much it costs to support one of the people the characters represent.

The monthly books also contain activities and collectible cards so that children really get something physical from the books, as well as the awareness and understanding of the condition. We think this scheme is a great way to make a truly daunting subject for children much less scary and far easier to understand, while also raising money for the cause and directly helping Dementia sufferers and those who do so much to help them!

If you’d like to know more you can go to their website here. While you’re there, please consider donating as it truly does help those in need!