Beat the Heat!

With summer in full swing and feeling hotter than ever, sometimes it’s hard to cope with the heat. High temperatures and intense sunlight can cause a number of health concerns, especially in older people, so it’s best to take every precaution you can to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe. Below we have a number of helpful tips to make sure you’re at your best over the summer months.

Stay Hydrated!

We’ve all heard about the importance of drinking water, particularly in the heat, but how many of us actually make the effort to try and drink more?  Dehydration can make you dizzy and lightheaded, lethargic, and contributes to other heat related problems like heatstroke.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and try to stick to water, low fat milk, tea and cofee, or sugar-free soft drinks. Try to limit how many sugary and alcoholic drinks you consume, even if it is tempting in the sunshine!

Staying Shady!

Staying out of the sun is a great way to stay cool, but sometimes it feels like your house is even hotter than outside. Try and keep the heat out by closing shades and curtains in the heat, but not if they are black or metallic as they’re more likely to heat the house up further. You may also think opening the windows is better, but only outside of 11am-3pm when it’s hottest. In the meantime, work out which room in the house is the coolest and try to stay there.

Keeping in Contact

While this won’t keep you cool or hydrated, it is a good idea if you’re older, unwell or looking after children. It’s important to let people know you’re safe, and let them know if you begin to feel any of the symptons of heatstroke. If people are aware they can help in preventing serious issues even if you become ill. You can also call 111 if you start to feel ill but it isnt an emergency.

Stay safe, enjoy the sunshine and don’t forget these tips!