Top Transferable Skills for a Role in Care

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Transferable skills are important in any job. Care work however can utilise many life skills and personality traits that you may have otherwise overlooked…

16 March

Are you compassionate, patient and well organised? Are you a good listener? Do you like helping people both practically and emotionally? Here are a few transferable skills that could mean you’re suited to care work.


Organisation is a key skill throughout many areas in life. Care work is a time-restricted job, so time management skills are essential. Being well-organised means the people within your care get the most out of their time with you. It also makes the job a lot less stressful. Remembering the smaller details can really make a difference too.


A world without compassion would be very sad indeed. Compassion is what drives us to help and understand one another and is therefore central to any form of care work. A good carer is compassionate and kind with excellent listening skills. Even if you have no experience in care work, being compassionate can make you ideal for the job.


Being professional is a skill most often developed in a work environment. However it is incredibly important in the care sector and goes toward improving things for everyone. Care work can prove emotionally trying at times and it is crucial for carers to uphold their boundaries whilst still providing unconditional care, indiscriminately and compassionately. It also involves a level of intimacy that requires respect and discretion. Clients may wish to confide in their carer and this information should remain confidential.

As detailed as it sounds, professionalism is something that can be nurtured within a role and will evolve with experience.

If you think that your personality includes the above skills then perhaps it is worth considering care work. Carewatch has a wide range of roles that you can read through here