Triple Award Finalists for Carewatch South Buckinghamshire

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On 2nd November, Carewatch South Bucks/North Berks had an amazing fourteen care workers nominated for awards at the Great South East Care Awards!

12 December

Three of the nominees have made it to the finals which are part of the Great British Care Awards culminating in two finals to be held in London in 2013.

The three members of Carewatch staff to attend the finals are Viola Frost, Robert Puzey, and Lindsey Lobo.

The awards span 19 categories across all areas of social care, nominees are those who have made a real difference within the public, private or voluntary sectors.

Managing Director Kate Hetzel, who is incredibly proud of her team, said “The care industry has received much negative publicity so it’s a refreshing contrast to celebrate the compassion, dedication and excellence of the individuals who are outstanding within their vocation.”

Viola Frost

Viola began working for Carewatch in 2008 and her leadership skills were rewarded as by 2009 she had been promoted to a supervisor position. Viola saw her resourcefulness put to the challenge when heavy snow brought much of the country to a standstill. She demonstrated a flair for crisis management, mapping out where the carers were in relation to the clients, then rearranging the schedule to allow staff to travel by foot. Understanding how change can be disconcerting to some of their clients, she rang round to ensure that they knew who to expect, and when.

Thanks to her dedication no-one missed out on the home care they were so dependent upon. Viola finds her work rewarding and not a day goes by without Viola having a positive impact on someone’s life.

The confident way in which she carries out her duties puts people at ease, along with her warm-heartedness and sincerity makes her a great finalist for the Supervisors Award.

Robert Puzey

Robert, nominated for the Care Newcomer Award has been with Carewatch since January 2012.  Aged 59 Robert was from a plumbing and home maintenance background, seeking a career change he identified that he enjoys communicating with, and meeting new people from diverse backgrounds.

With no previous experience in care work he trained with Carewatch and his enthusiasm was infectious to the other new recruits learning alongside him.

“Robert is a natural,” says Kate. “My only regret is that he didn’t enter the industry earlier. He is extremely good at working with clients who are in difficult situations or have sensitive needs and it’s not clear who enjoys his home visits more, them or him. This extraordinary man is touching the lives of so many in the Berkshire area and no matter how long the day has been he isn’t satisfied until he can leave a patient’s home knowing they have a smile on their face.”

Lindsey Lobo

Lindsey joined Carewatch in 2008 following an office based career, she came into the care industry after having helped her mother care for her father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. She has a good understanding of her clients’ relatives need to have peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are receiving the care that they need.

It is her sincerity and empathy that has earned her the nomination for Regional Carer of the Year. She joined the organisation to pursue a more fulfilling line of work. Lindsey is an intuitive and versatile lady, which enables her to pick up on when someone may need a bit of extra TLC. She is famous for her kindness and compassion and is as fresh and upbeat at the end of a long day as when she began in the morning.

Her dependability is the cornerstone of her housebound clients contentment, they look forward to her daily visits whether it’s to drop off some shopping, help organise the bills or just to have a catch up with someone who is genuinely pleased to be visiting them.

Kate Hetzel has received many letters from clients and their relatives praising the home care services provided by the team.

Although three members of staff were singled out for excelling in the care industry, Carewatch are extremely proud of all their employees and feel privileged to have individuals who are so skilled at helping people retain their independence and dignity, and feeling safe, secure and happy in their home.

If you or a loved one lives in the South Bucks, or North Berks area and would like to find out how Kate’s team can help, please get in touch.