A home care service is well worth considering for anyone who is starting to find daily life more challenging.

For many older people, being able to continue living in their own home is key to maintaining independence, dignity and a zest for life. Ageing takes a toll on our bodies both physically and mentally. Naturally, some everyday tasks that we once took for granted may become more difficult. Simple parts of the daily routine such as shopping, dressing and cleaning may become a serious challenge for our elderly loved ones. At this point, it is seriously worth considering a home care service to alleviate the strain on them and allow them more time to focus on hobbies and interests.

What is home care?

In a nutshell, home care is where a trained assistant visits the home to help with the important day to day activities. Some elderly people may feel threatened by this prospect because it can feel like they will lose some independence. It’s important to understand however that the goal of a home care service is to improve their independence. Assistance with the essential daily tasks will free up more time for the things they love to do and can help those that struggle with mobility to stay active within the community.

It is also worth noting that the local authority may be able to contribute to the cost of home care. It is a good idea to sit down with a social worker to discuss care needs and work out whether someone is eligible. In this case, a budget will then be assigned for the home care.

The advantages of home care

An elderly lady receiving home care and laughing with her assistant.Personalised home care services are easily slotted around everyday life. This allows a person to remain living at home safely and comfortably. Family members can also rest easy knowing that they will still be getting the required support where necessary. The flexible nature of home care means that it can be adapted completely to the needs of the individual and their schedule. Our home care service is designed to be adjustable, whether this means daily visits, live-in care, or just the odd hourly session of catching up and helping. The service is designed to take the pressure off the daily routine, either through complete care or by helping to supplement other care being provided by friends or relatives.

Home care is designed to help with the more challenging elements of growing older – and to make them easy. This might be through personal support that revolves around helping an individual get washed, dressed and ready for the day. Or perhaps through more practical care and helping with tasks that have become tiresome. Some common examples include; shopping, making meals, handling mail and dealing with household bills and cleaning.

Designed with you in mind

There are also options for more specialised home care. For example, when someone has just been discharged from a hospital and needs specific help with their recovery. The goal of our home care is to provide the right support to the people that need it. As part of this, we can provide tailored care packages designed for people that are living with medical conditions. This is important because different disabilities come with different sets of needs and care requirements.

The versatility of home care is one of the reasons it has become so popular. Life can be tough at times and home care provides the vulnerable with the support and companionship needed to thrive. As well as providing peace of mind to families that their loved one is receiving professional care.

We strive to offer a reliable, friendly and flexible service that allows increased independence and quality of life. To read more about the services that we offer please click here.