Wigan Care Workers Mobile Phones used for Reminiscence

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Innovative Care Workers use their company mobiles to engage in reminiscence with service users who are living with dementia

23 August

The new TotalMobile system being introduced across Carewatch is proving to be a success in more ways than one.

Care Workers are getting more quality time with their service users, and like in Wigan, they are using their phones to search and find music, pictures, and videos for reminiscence with dementia.

Ann, a Care Worker with Carewatch Wigan home care team, as a regular Care Worker for a 97 year old lady who is living with dementia, she makes a positive difference to her life, by using her Carewatch mobile.

She held the phone to her ear and was immediately engaged with the music

“I visit [service user] on a regular basis and like to spend time with her to offer her stimulation,” Ann says. “[service user], who is 97, is hard of hearing and visually impaired. She struggles to occupy her time throughout the day.”

“I noticed she had a collection of CDs and wartime videos, so I asked her about her favourites. When she told me, I used my mobile phone to access some songs on YouTube from Elsie’s era. She sang along merrily to Flanagan and Allen, members of the Crazy Gang.

She was delighted, and she really enjoys the time we spend together.”

Ann has observed and engaged in the service users love of music, using it to help her
enagage in meaningful activity. “I try to spend as much time as possible with her, we even do a quiz together where I ask her to match the song to the artist.”

[service user] also enjoys knitting, a skill she can do confidently through touch. “I have
used my phone to teach myself how to knit in my own time, so I can offer support and guide her when needed,”Ann says.

“She is now working on a patchwork blanket. I have tried to introduce this to other service users where possible and it’s having a positive effect upon many of them by engaging them in meaningful activities.”