Tips for providing winter care to your loved ones during the coldest months of the year...

The British winter is in full swing and we’re fast approaching the holidays. The temperature as dropped, and things have got a little bit frosty. It may look like a Christmas postcard photo some mornings, as you stop to de-ice the car. However, it’s during these dark and icy months that our thoughts turn to the elderly. Ice is much more than an inconvenience for them, and many may be unable to leave the house due to fear of slipping. With some small steps we can provide winter care to the vulnerable and help minimise the impact of the cold. 

An elderly couple walk together through a park. The path is slushy with ice and there is snow on the grass.

Jack Frost

When the ground is icy or snow falls, a lot of the older generation feel too unsafe to leave their homes. Being not so steady on their feet carries an increased risk of falling and falling can easily lead to breaking bones or other injuries. During long-term cold weather, this can mean that their food can run low. Their inability to get out and about will also exacerbate feelings of isolation and loneliness which may lead to depression.

Winter care

Baring extreme heatwaves, winter is the most difficult time of the year to be old. At Carewatch we’re always available to help. Be it going to the shops, walking the dog, or offering help with getting to appointments. We provide that reassurance whenever our elderly customers feel too afraid to venture outside. We are also always happy to pop in for a cuppa tea and a chat to check all is well. Our winter care services help to alleviate the problems cold weather can bring and ensure your loved ones continued independence. 

Winter safety

Understandably in the winter, the elderly will feel the cold a lot more than us. Many will rely heavily on their central heating to keep them feeling comfortable. It’s important to make sure that they can do this safely by getting a check up on their heating system. In most regions, your local Fire Brigade will offer a free home fire risk check service. Our Care and Support workers have arranged many of these for our elderly customers. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that comes with a safety check. It is also a great idea to have a carbon monoxide detector fitted for those that use gas systems.

Little extras

We get the majority of our vitamin d from sunlight. Winter in the UK is pretty scarce of this and most people struggle to get their recommended daily allowance. It is therefore a good idea to buy your loved one some vitamin d supplements, to help top their levels up. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and helps to bolster a strong immune system.

Personal alarm pendants are also worth considering as they can send alerts if your elderly relative has a fall or needs emergency assistance.

Supporting each other

Everyone in the community can help keep an eye out for the older generation this winter.  We receive enquiries from friends and neighbours of elderly people who have noticed that some winter care is needed at this time of year. Our home care service is flexible so levels of support can always be increased and decreased as desired.

Please get in touch on Facebook @CarewatchUK by clicking here if you know someone that needs a little more help through this winter.

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